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Over the years, residential investment property ownership and management has evolved significantly. Private property rights and related liabilities are substantially impacted by the copious amount of related legislation in California and elsewhere, particularly in the landlord-tenant arena. There are dozens of new laws that impact the ownership and management operation of investment residential real property each year; some sponsored by and beneficial to the housing provider industry, but most presenting new requirements, risks, and exposures to our clients as owners. Local laws, planning and development restrictions, and political priorities have great impact as well. Accordingly, we believe that property management is for the most part a very much localized aphenomenon, particularly in geographic areas of aggressive political activity such as the Oakland / Greater Bay Area markets. While there are certain aspects of successfully operating residential property that are common across all cities and states, broader success requires a firm knowledge of local laws, practices, politics and even personalities of political leadership. A great example is how the local courts handle unlawful detainer actions as opposed to other jurisdictions in California and the letter of eviction law. To best serve our clients, we know that we must be constantly well informed and vigilant as to potentially harmful or beneficial pending litigation, and directly involved with the decision makers where and when possible.

While our current management portfolio includes properties in Reno, Truckee, Davis, Sonoma County, Contra Costa County, Berkeley, Alameda, Hayward, Castro Valley, and San Leandro, our primary area of service is expertise in Oakland. We manage office properties and retail, but the vast majority of our management portfolio is comprised of multi-family projects. Our management portfolio includes properties owned by individual investors, institutions, families—in a few cases, the third generation of families that we have represented, as well as corporate entities.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive investment real estate asset management service, and for our typical client, we purchase, operate, and when the investment goals have been achieved, we bring the property to market for sale. We manage single buildings as well as multiple holdings for our clients, apartment and condominium operations. We manage high-rise luxury apartment buildings, recently constructed and historic  as well. We have provided broad management consulting services to a wide range of client projects in several cities in California and in other western states. We are experts in Oakland’s Just Cause Eviction Ordinance and the Rent Adjustment Program. We work in close collaboration with the area's top investment property brokers.


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